Sunday, July 27, 2014


"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights." -- James 1:17a

People said that the second pregnancy is easier than the first one.  Though there is no magic potion for that, I must agree that it was the case for us.  Not only that the labor was so much faster, the recovery was so much more manageable, but also the breastfeeding has been so much easier.  Thanks to big brother Ravelio for doing all the ground work so that Jovelio can reap the benefit.  The only thing, though, my body does not bounce back as fast.  Maybe that comes with age as well (sighhhhhh).

And this is Jovel's birth story:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

4:00AM: Uhh ohh, I think I ate one too many plate of Belacan String Beans.  Gotta use the restroom!

4:15AM: So sleepy!  Still nothing?!?!  Fine, let's go back to bed!

6:00AM:  Here you go, the Belacan String Beans again.  Gotta go gotta go!

6:05AM - 6:30AM: Wait a minute ... is this putsy putsy?  Hmm, yeah, I think it is.  Let's ignore!  IGNORE!  IGNORE!  IGNORE!  Better yet, let's try to sleep on it a bit more ... just in case this is another long labor like the last time.

7:00AM: Ah, can't sleep!  What to do?  Let's poke Marcel ... [pokey pokey], "Pah, putsy putsy!"
Marcel, "How long?"
Yanny, "It's been about 8 times in the past 3 hours.  I had them like 20 seconds each time."

7:06AM: Coach Marcel caught me in a 66-second contraction.  Oh no, it's progressing so much faster now.

7:19AM - 7:27AM: Two 45-second contractions.  Haha, just kidding!  It may be another long labor. 

7:29AM: Baby's jumping in the tummy.  I need to use the restroom like RIGHT NOW!  And then I heard a slight "pop" sound accompanied by two drips of water.  Wipe it off and yayyy, the mucus plug is out!!!!

7:33AM - 8:27AM: Coach Marcel said that active labor is coming anytime soon.  Since we are planning for another natural birth, he suggests that I run one load of laundry, take a shower and get ready ... just to kill time while laboring at home.  During those time, my contractions were mild and only about 30 seconds each.

8:33AM - 9:07AM: I am having my regular sandwich and cucumber for breakfast.  What normally took me 10 minutes to finish, this time around takes me half an hour to eat my breakfast.  Thanks to the stronger and longer contractions (45 seconds to 3 minutes).

9:10AM: Coach Marcel suggests that I walk it off in order for the labor to progress.  So off we go around the neighborhood.

9:11AM - 9:31AM: We made 3/4 round the block with 1-minute contraction in every 3 minute.  Not bad considering I walk like an angry penguin.  :-)

9:32AM - 9:45AM: I am having harder, longer (2 minute-ish) and multiple contractions at one time.  Mannnn, the last few houses to home seems like FOREVER!

10:03AM: Finally HOME!  I'm already in the transition stage.  I need my exercise ball!  I need my water!  Mayday!  Mayday!  While Marcel is on the phone with the Birth Team at the Hospital, my mom feeds me the water in between contractions.

10:06AM: Time to go to the Hospital!  Ravel plants a big kiss on my tummy and says, "See you, Dede (Little Brother)!"  It is the most uncomfortable car ride EVER!  I feel baby's feet pushing off my rib cage.

10:27AM: Arrive at the Hospital and try to find a parking spot.

10:35AM: I finally make it out of the car in between contractions.  But I can't move much.  My contractions are too strong.  I feel baby's head like literally in between my upper thighs.

10:45AM: I can only walk a few feet away from the garage.  The L&D is on the 3rd floor.  I tell Marcel I can't walk anymore and need a wheelchair because I'm afraid that I might give birth on the way up to the hospital.

Marcel bangs on the ER window and asks the nurse to bring in the wheelchair out for me.  The nurse and Marcel quickly loads me onto the wheelchair and off they run up to the L&D.  I can't sit down because of the baby's head.  I use my hands to lift my body up the chair till we make it to the L&D.

10:50AM: We make it.  The birth team puts me in the triage room only to find out that I'm fully dilated; and the baby is at +1 station.  They tell me not to push yet because I need to be moved to the delivery room for that.  They wheel me on the triage bed to the delivery room and onto the delivery bed.

Everyone is so busy trying to set up while Marcel calmly coaches me through the contractions (say "Awwww" now ... what a wonderful hubby I have!!  I know!!)

10:55AM: Doctor is finally in and gives me a go to push.  They bring in the mirror as I requested; and I see the baby's head already.  But they don't have the time to install the squatting bar before I start pushing.

One push.  And two.  And three.

11:00AM: Our son Jovelio makes his way out.  I catch his slippery body and lay him straight on my breast.  Oh he smells so fresh!  He looks at me with a tiny smile and starts crying for comfort.  My heart melts and is fully overjoyed.  God gives me this opportunity again to be a mom to another son.  I am so grateful and humbled.

11:10AM: I feel like pushing again.  Oh .. it's the placenta wahooo!!

11:30AM: Marcel and I are still talking and amazed by how much Jovel resembles the newborn Ravel.  We walk the memory lane like the birth team is not even there to clean up.

Ravel (L) - Jovel (R)

12:00PM: The doctor leaves the room.  The nurse continues to check on my bleeding.

12:15PM: The nurse does the newborn procedures on Jovel only to find out that his blood sugar is really low (33).  This is because of my Gestational Diabetes.  I asks the nurse to postpone bathing him so that his body temperature won't drop even more which can eventually lower his blood sugar too.  I put him back on my breast skin-to-skin and breastfeed him for the next one hour.

1:30PM: The nurse comes to check on Jovel's blood sugar.  Praise the Lord, it has increased to 44 (right at the border).  She tells me that Jovel's blood sugar will need to be checked every 3 hour for the next 24 hours.  My heart aches so bad for what he has to go through.  Poor baby!  He's tired from all the labor and still has to go through the pokes.  But you gotta do what you gotta do to make sure that he is healthy.

2:15PM: We are moved to Mom & Baby room.  I continue to put Jovel on my skin and breastfeed him as much as he wants it.

4:30PM: His blood sugar is tested again.  GOOD NEWS!  It's up to 59 (within the expected range).

5:00PM: Marcel goes home to pick up big brother Ravelio.

7:30PM: Another blood sugar test.  Another 59!!!  The nurse reports the result to the doctor.  And the doctor clears him from further blood sugar tests as his numbers have stabilized. Oh Praise the Lord!

8:00PM: Ravel comes bringing Sophie and Mr. Blankie.  I asks him, "Koq dibawa dua dua nya, Ko?" [Why did you bring both of these?]

Ravel, "Soalnya satu buat Dede Jopel (while pointing at Jovelio).  Satu lagi buat Dede yang di perut Mamah (while pointing at my still-big tummy)." [One for Baby Jovel and the other one for the baby in your tummy, Mom]

9:00PM: Ravel goes home with Marcel.

 Monday, July 21, 2014

9:00AM: Marcel and Ravel come to pick us up.

11:00AM: It is a nice short stay at the hospital.  Now, our little family goes home to rest and bond in private.  LOVE IT!

Jovel has been a great addition to our family.  He teaches Ravel how to be a wonderful big brother.  He brings joy to Marcel.  He reminds me that God is my portion when I don't feel sufficient.  He is a perfect gift from the Lord!


Kari Copling said...

So excited for your family and enjoyed reading your birth story and sensing your excitement! Big brothers are so sweet and I hope your recovery and adjustment are going well. Blessings,Kari

Anh said...

I am so touched by Jovelio's birth story! Thank you for sharing, Yanny, you're one brave momma! Love for the whole family! Anh

Natalia said...

Yanny hebat banget! Super mom! I'm so happy for your new addition in your family! :)

Happy Little Crafter said...

Yay! Another precious little one in the neighborhood! Congrats to the entire family!