Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Last day of the challenge already?  Wow, time flies.

Today, we are grateful for the positive attitude of Papahroo's mom.  Babyroo was even serenaded by her beautiful harmonica playing during the hangout earlier.  She is such a blessing!

We are also grateful for our Small Group couples.  This is our third Thanksgiving together.  And it has been our tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving together.  To have them around is like having a reliable support system, family nearby, and accountability partners.  Thick and thin are better shared after all!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!!  Hope you get to celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones.  Don't forget to count your blessing.  Thank you for joining our family in this challenge.

May this be a blessing!  Until next year!

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Myrna Suparta said...

We are so thankful for you, too ... Annie ... your family has been such a blessing for us. We will continue praying for papahroo's mom ... *hugsss*