Thursday, November 01, 2012


It's been awhile since the last time I sat down in front of the computer to share our family updates through this blog.  Papahroo and I have been -- simply put it as -- way into our parenting-in-training mode.  Our Babyroo is now 6 months old, looking like mini Papahroo, babbling like Mamahroo, growing 8 teeth, eating solid like a pro and VERY mobile.  For that reason we have been taking hiatus from the blog world and sharing quick updates about our lives (Babyroo mostly) via Google+ (which we could do "professionally" while sleep deprived, with one hand, in a matter of one minute, and using the cell phones :-o ).

Anyway, I'm excited to finally update the blog and share with you our journey in 21 Days of Contagious Gratitude.

Inspired by Family Magazine
Why don't you join our family in #21DaysGratitude challenge as well?

Today, our family is grateful for the rain and the messy toilet papers.

Look at that cheerful face after the long nap!

The rain not only because it makes our short-napper nap better and longer but also as a reminder of God our deliverer in the midst of the drought season in our state.

The messy toilet papers because it keeps Babyroo entertained during potty training; and it means "business" LOL.

We enjoy being uplifted by our everyday situation and are thinking of doing this challenge as our family tradition.  Hope you join us in the #21DaysGratitude challenge as well.  May this be a blessing and until tomorrow!

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Inspired by Family said...

I am so glad you joined in. Hope you're blessed! ~mari